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A super - strong clutch that combines ease of operation with the ability to handle allowable outputs of more than 600ps - this was the concept behind the development of the SUPER COPPERMIX TWIN.

NISMO first used this concept to develop a carbon twin product, a process that took two years, but the low quality of carbon facings meant that they could not provide the performance of COPPERMIX. Over the next year and a half, twin plates using COPPERMIX were delveloped. So the result of three and a half years of development was the SUPER COPPERMIX, the final model of the NISMO multi-plate clutch series.

Allowable torque of 84 kgfm for dynamic friction (Stactic friction:143 kgfm) Handles an estimated allowable power of 670 ps

These numerical values are NISMO standard measurement values measured using a push - type clutch combined with an SR20 engine. Evaluations were made based on street and circuit conditions. No quarter - mile evaluation was conducted.

The multi-plate clutch system takes "the ease of use" and "high power handling" forte of COPPERMIX to the next level.

Uses a center hub

Using a center hub increases the amount of engagement between the clutch disc and the transmission`s input shaft, the serrated part to the lower surface pressure on the serrations. This reduces the wearing of the input shaft and prevents disengagement trouble. At the same time, this also reduces the impact shock on the serrations during clutch assembling and suppresses offsetting of the two clutch discs making transmission installation easier than for single clutches.

Light Flywheel

Equipped with a lightweight flywheel manufactured from special chromoly, the ideal weight has been provided to ensure torque.

Uses an aluminum cover and lightweight flywheel as a set

A special aluminum cover with excellent heat radiation is employed. Also, this is combined as a set with a special lightweight chrome-molybdenum flywheel to achieve the ideal weight setting for the attained torque.

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