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The model 30-2020 Bosch Style Injector Connector Kit contains the parts to assemble 4
injector connectors. The kit contains Four Bosch style female injector connectors and 10
contacts (2 extra contacts are included for spares).

The contacts are “Pull to Seat” meaning you must feed the wire through the connector
housing BEFORE you crimp on the contacts. The wire is then pulled back into the
housing and the contact locks in place. The contact cannot be inserted or removed from
the rear (wire side entry) of the housing.

Contacts (10 Included)
Plating Tin Plated
Cable Range 1.00 - 0.05 mm2
Outside Cable Diameter 2.40 - 2.03 mm2
Temperature Range -40 to 125 C
Resistance in mOhms at 20 mV > 10.0 Ohms
Voltage Drop in mV per amp > 3.0 Ohms

Housing (4 Included)
Color Black
Cavities or Contacts 2
Gender Female
Temperature Range -40 to 125 C
Resistance at 20 mV > 10.0 mOhm
Voltage Drop per amp > 3.0 mV
Exterior Dimensions 27.8L X 29.6W X 20H
Seating Process Pull To Seat
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