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The AEM Vehicle Dynamics Module (VDM) features a a 10Hz GPS/GLONASS receiver, 3-axis accelerometer/gyro,
external antenna, and AEMnet/CAN 2.0 output in a weather resistant enclosure. The VDM is ideal for generating track
maps when used in concert with an AEM ECU and AEMData analysis software. In association with the GPS data, the
accelerometer and gyro data can be analyzed to unlock more lap time from your race vehicle.


· 10Hz GPS/GLONASS GPS receiver
· Latitude, Longitude, Speed, Altitude, Course, Satellite
Count, UTC Time, UTC Date
· 50Hz 3-axis accelerometer +/- 8g
· 50Hz 3-axis gyroscope +/- 500 deg/s
· External magnetic antenna
· Supports vehicle/system voltages up to 16V
· Low-profile, weather resistant enclosure
· AEMnet (CAN bus) Output
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