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Фильтр масляный М20 Х 1.5, APEXI Япония.

Размер 68х85 мм.

If as for UEP density-gradient type filter tuning the level becomes hard, you can say that extent and the oil management which become influence engine efficiency largely. Especially how it maintains the motor oil cleanly, it is one of important topics. Apex "ultra flow oil filter (U.F.O)", the iron powder which occurs due to the friction of the engine and the filtration efficiency which catches suspension ones were pursued to the extremity, it is the new model oil filter of the individual design. In filter material, un equal pleat (U.E.P. ) Adopting the type 20&mu density-gradient type filter. Until recently preponderant filtration efficiency is actualized not only, has decreased also possible limit pressure loss in comparison with the item. In addition as for the filtration efficiency which is superior not only the tuning engine and vis-a-vis the normal engine quite is effective.

UEP density-gradient type filter "ultra flow oil filter (U.F.O)", the genuine filter or the element it does until recently with the item and with loading 150&mu mesh filters onto the center bypass section which has become. Because of this, the relatively big dust (it is caught) here such as sand grain and metal Bali, 2 gradual filter filtration function of 20&mu density-gradient type filters of main is thorough the motor oil and maintains cleanly. In addition life cycle of oil filter itself U.E.P. While with adoption of the type filter material, showing the high performance, you are proud of the life cycle which is almost equal to the genuine products.


Nissan GT-R R35 GT-R
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