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The 52mm (2-1/16”) AEM X-Series Gauge features a four digit central readout and sweeping 24-color-coded LED display,
providing immediate reference to the sensor reading in real-time. A 0-5V analog and an AEMnet (CAN bus) output is
included and can be used with data loggers or aftermarket ECUs including the AEM Infinity Engine Management System


· 2-1/16" / 52mm outer diameter mounting
· Flashing warn / alarm feature
· Peak recall
· US or metric / SI display modes with reversible
· Black bezel / "Oil" faceplate supplied; Silver / white
available as optional purchase
· Locking connectors
· Supports vehicle / system voltages up to 16V
· Auto-dimming display
· 0-5V analog output
· AEMnet (CAN bus) output
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